3 quick ways to jazz up the bathroom

MAKEOVER: The loo can look great by keeping the floor uncluttered, arranging items and decorating.


    Apr 04, 2016

    3 quick ways to jazz up the bathroom

    HERE are some quick tips by Benjamin Tay, director of operations at accessories retailer Bathroom Warehouse, on improving the appearance of your bathroom:

    1. Keep bottles off the floor

    Do not put your shampoo or soap on the floor. Install glass or stainless steel shelving within your shower enclosure. If you do not wish to drill holes into the wall, buy racks that can be hung on your shower screen.

    2. Put items into containers

    It may be a chore but pouring hand soap into a soap dispenser and arranging items like cotton buds in a box would give your bathroom a sense of serenity. "Brand name logos and the instructions on the basic packaging give a sense of commercialisation," said Mr Tay.

    3. Spruce it up

    Make the bathroom a part of your living space. Put up some pictures or photo frames above the toilet bowl or place a small cactus near the window.