3 more Hollywood execs sued for sexual abuse

AGGRIEVED: Mr Egan, 31, who was an aspiring teen actor in Los Angeles, is seeking damages exceeding US$10 million.


    Apr 23, 2014

    3 more Hollywood execs sued for sexual abuse


    A MAN who has sued X-Men film-maker Bryan Singer claiming he had raped him as a teenager named three more Hollywood executives in lawsuits filed on Monday, alleging sexual abuse and rape and seeking damages exceeding US$10 million (S$12.6 million).

    Michael Egan, 31, who was an aspiring teen actor in Los Angeles, said television executives Garth Ancier and David Neuman and entertainment-firm executive Gary Goddard were part of an underage-sex ring in Hollywood in late 1999 and 2000 that had abused him.

    A representative for Mr Goddard said he was out of the country, and that he will "review the complaint and respond appropriately. Based on what we understand the allegations to be, the complaint is without merit", the representative said.

    Mr Ancier did not respond to calls and e-mail messages seeking comment, and Mr Neuman could not be reached immediately.

    At a news conference on Monday, Mr Egan was accompanied by his mother Bonnie Mound and attorney Jeff Herman. He told reporters that he had faced backlash since last week when he filed his lawsuit against Singer, whose X-Men: Days Of The Future Past film will open in United States theatres next month.

    "Going through this and being attacked, you see why victims don't come forward. It doesn't make it a very pleasant thing to stand up to," Mr Egan said.

    He urged other victims to come forward, saying, "We have people that can protect us now."

    In the lawsuits against each individual, he alleged that he was induced or coerced into sexual activity at "infamous and degenerate parties" hosted by former entertainment business executive Marc Collins-Rector, a registered sex offender.

    Mr Egan also alleged that the sexual abuse continued on trips to Hawaii, where he said he was inappropriately touched and made to consume alcohol and drugs, and forced into anal and oral sex.

    The latest civil lawsuits were filed in federal court in Hawaii. Each suit has four counts, including battery and assault, requesting both compensatory and punitive damages.

    Mr Herman said they will be asking for monetary damages of over US$10 million, which will be decided by a jury if the case is admitted in court.