Aug 07, 2015

    2016 launch for 4-inch iPhone?

    APPLE may not be launching a new 4-inch iPhone model this year, if the latest report from DigiTimes is true.

    According to DigiTimes, sources from the semiconductor industry claim that the successor to the 4-inch iPhone 5c will be unveiled in the second quarter of next year.

    The new iPhone model is said to be powered by 14/16nm FinFET processors from the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and Samsung.

    It was said that Apple had initially wanted 20nm chips, but changed its mind in favour of the greater processing power and lower power consumption offered by 14/16nm chips.

    Recent reports pegged a launch date in the first quarter of next year for the new 4-inch iPhone, nicknamed by some tech news sites as the "iPhone 6c".

    But alleged plastic rear shells and a battery pack suggest a launch this year.

    Apple is rumoured to be holding a launch event on Sept 8 when it will unveil the next-generation iPhones.