Mar 03, 2015

    200GB SanDisk microSD card to cost $550

    IS 128GB of storage space on your smartphone or tablet simply not enough for you? Here's some good news.

    SanDisk has announced a 200GB memory card called the SanDisk Ultra microSDX UHS-I Card.

    That may not seem a lot if you are viewing it from a normal storage perspective, but for microSD cards, 200GB is a huge 56 per cent increase over SanDisk's 128GB cards from last year.

    Capacity upgrades usually happen in multiples of two, so 256GB is logically the next tier up from 128GB.

    With SanDisk choosing to release a 200GB version instead of a 256GB one, it is not unreasonable to assume that technological constraints are limiting how much more storage can be compressed into the microSD size.

    The 200GB card is not cheap, however, and will set you back US$399.99 (S$550) when it hits stores in the second quarter of this year.