Dec 01, 2015

    10 things to remember at a job interview

    WANT to make a positive first impression during a job interview? Here are 10 ways:


    Smile. A friendly demeanour is more pleasant than a gloomy or grumpy one.


    Be ready to shake hands. Be prepared to do so with the interviewer at the start and end of the interview. Should the interviewer make the first move to shake your hand at the start, you could take the initiative to offer a handshake later at the end. Grasp the offered hand firmly and maintain your grip for about two seconds.


    Do not chew gum or eat sweets.


    Do not sit until invited. Avoid sitting across the room, if possible. Instead, sit close to the interviewer and face him, without leaning on the table.


    Maintain eye contact. Not doing so can give the impression you're not the dependable sort or even lying. Do not wear dark glasses. However, be mindful that there are cultural differences regarding the role of eye contact.


    Be mindful of your body language. Avoid crossing your arms over your chest and don't give the impression you're moving away from the interviewer.


    Be calm and poised. If you tend to cross your legs and shake your free foot, or tap your fingers on the table or the chair's arm when you're nervous, don't do it at the interview.

    Also, don't play with your nails, fiddle with your jewellery or facial hair. Don't slouch - sit up straight instead. Don't pepper your sentences with potentially irritating interjections - short, informal words like "er".


    Frame the interview as a challenge. Shore up enthusiasm for the position you're applying for and be interested in working for the company.


    Leave your personal issues at the door. Don't discuss family or financial woes. Instead, focus on how you can contribute to the firm.


    Listen to the interviewer. Consider your replies carefully and be sure you understand the questions asked.