Tips and where to stay

HEAVENLY: Club Med's lagoon suites - villas on stilts, perched right over the sea - are the true pearls of the resort.
Tips and where to stay

UNBEATABLE VIEW: The lagoon suites offer unblocked views of the vast ocean, and the comforts of modern amenities.
Tips and where to stay

GREAT DEAL: Club Med's package in the Maldives includes all meals and snacks.


    Jul 24, 2013

    Tips and where to stay


    It is best to carry US dollars as this is widely accepted on the island and at the airport's souvenir shops. The Maldivian currency called rufiyaah is also accepted, but may be difficult to get at money changers in Singapore.

    Take along a strong insect repellent. Mosquitoes on the island are bloodthirsty at night and slapping on some repellent can make the difference between a restful sleep and a restless one.

    Dive shoes are a must because sharp pieces of dead coral and sharp stones litter the shoreline. The shoes also help to protect against bites by sea creatures lurking in the sand.


    Club Med's current promotional rates for 4D3N stays start at $1,092 per person, based on superior-room rates. The prices do not include flights, transfers and Club Med membership fees.

    To book a trip, go to or call 1800-CLUB-MED (258-2633).