See City of Love with kids in tow

FAMILY FUN: While in Paris with your kids, buy a Paris Museum Pass to stop by the Louvre on different days without having to pay for admission twice.


    Aug 21, 2013

    See City of Love with kids in tow

    PARIS is known as the City of Love, and honeymooners have long flocked to its cafes and the banks of the Seine. But can one still enjoy it with children in tow?

    Thankfully, the answer is "yes".

    In a series on visiting big cities with kids, readers of The New York Times weighed in on where to go, what to see and how to be prepared to visit Paris with the little ones. Here are some highlights:

    Before leaving for the French capital, watch some movies that take place in Paris with your kids to get them excited about the city. Renting an apartment will make a visit with kids much more pleasant than cramming into a hotel room.

    Most people have no difficulty with the French language, despite knowing very little of it. You might find that your kids will love learning to speak the local language.

    Making an effort to speak some French also goes a long way, especially with shopkeepers. Buy a fresh baguette in the morning. Break off pieces of it for your kids in the course of the day as an emergency snack. Ask your child to pick food to try during the trip. Then, create a culinary tour by visiting several cafes or bakeries that serve it. For instance, try chocolate truffles from three chocolate shops.

    Buy a Paris Museum Pass if you are in the city for a couple of days. You can stop by the Louvre on different days and not have to pay for admission twice. You can also try visiting museums you might not otherwise visit. Go to for more details.

    If your child is old enough, think about taking a bike tour of the city. The street-level view and the ability to go through neighbourhoods (not just tourist areas) will be fun and educational.