Indonesia's mountain for beginners

SULPHUR CRATER: A 20-minute walk off the normal climbing track on Mount Papandayan takes the climber to its beautiful sulphur crater (above).
Indonesia's mountain for beginners

PANORAMIC SCENE: The view atop Mount Papandayan, with its sulphur crater in the background.
Indonesia's mountain for beginners

DRY AS A BONE: Hutan Mati is a dead forest whose vegetation was stripped bare by lava flows.


    Jun 12, 2013

    Indonesia's mountain for beginners

    AT ONLY 2,665m above sea level, Mount Papandayan is known among hikers as "the mountain for beginners".

    Yet there are very few mountains in Indonesia that are like Mount Papandayan, cramming as it does into its breathtaking view a beautiful edelweiss meadow, a dead forest and a steaming sulphur crater.

    In reality, the experience of climbing the stratovolcano complex located in Garut, West Java, frequently surpasses the expectations of almost all hikers - even those who, at first, might underestimate the still-active volcano and take the ascent lightly.

    Hikers can play in the warm water flowing in Mount Papandayan's small sulphur river during their climb to the top.