Jul 18, 2016

    Strip clubs ready for Republican convention in Ohio


    ON PAPER, the Republican Party classifies pornography as a major public health problem.

    But just in case delegates to the nominating convention forget that, Cleveland's strip clubs are going all out to get ready for the party ready to embrace Donald Trump formally as its presidential candidate.

    As always, during big sporting and political events in America, the Ohio city's bars, restaurants and gentlemen's clubs are girding for a flood of visitors.

    The city authorities granted Christie's Cabaret's request to stay open later until 4am, instead of 2.30am.

    Cleveland expects an influx of some 50,000 people, in a city with a population of just under 400,000.

    The delegates will also adopt the party's newly drafted official platform, which calls pornography a "public health crisis".

    At a club called Crazy Horse Cleveland, although strippers may wear patriotic colours, there will be no mention of the Republican Party.

    "We try to steer clear of politics," manager Jeff Kallam said. "Politics upsets people."