SingTel gears up for data Act

COMING SOON: By end-July, SingTel will launch an online portal that allows customers to opt out of receiving marketing messages or customer surveYs through various channels.


    May 30, 2014

    SingTel gears up for data Act

    SINGTEL will be launching an online portal that allows subscribers to opt out of marketing messages.

    The portal, to be launched by the end of July, will let customers opt out of receiving the marketing information through phone, text or mail. They can also choose not to be contacted for customer surveys.

    The telco has spent more than $2 million to fall in line with the new Personal Data Protection Act, which will be enforced from July 2. This does not include the operational cost of checking numbers against the Do Not Call Registry.

    "Depending on how the market reacts, we may even allow a higher level of granularity, such as allowing customers to specify the time of day they wish to be contacted," said Yuen Kuan Moon, chief executive of SingTel's Consumer Singapore Group.

    Customers will also be able to opt out of having anonymised versions of their personal data being passed on to third-party organisations.

    SingTel said it calls about 150,000 to 200,000 numbers a month to offer customers promotions and new services.