Mar 18, 2014

    Singapore NODX up 9% last month

    SINGAPORE'S non-oil domestic exports (NODX) were up 9.1 per cent last month, over the same month last year, as an expansion in non-electronics shipments outweighed a decline in electronics exports.

    This was up from a 3.3 per cent decline in January, trade agency IE Singapore said yesterday.

    Electronic Nodx contracted 3.7 per cent after a 17 per cent decline in the previous month. The weakness in electronic domestic exports was largely due to a dip in demand for integrated circuit, disk media products and computer parts.

    Non-electronic exports expanded 15.4 per cent last month year-on-year, led by petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and printed matter.

    Non-oil re-exports surged 15.5 per cent last month, on the back of growth in both electronics and non-electronics segments.