Mar 31, 2016

    Samsung ranks 3rd on US reputation list


    SOUTH Korea's Samsung Electronics was named the third-most reputable company in the United States, an industry tracker said yesterday.

    Apple, on the other hand, was not included in the top 100.

    According to research conducted by US-based Reputation Institute, the South Korean tech giant came in third behind Amazon and Hallmark Cards in terms of reputation in the country.

    Food manufacturer Kellogg Company, Japanese tech giant Sony and Johnson & Johnson followed Samsung, along with Switzerland-based watchmaker Rolex which took seventh place.

    "Samsung's Galaxy products have rendered it as one of the top technology companies," the researcher said in its report.

    "While Apple has strong, and even excellent scores when it comes to products and services, financial performance and innovation, it fails to deliver on workplace, governance and especially citizenship," it added.

    Reputation Institute added that Apple is "not as open or expressive" as Samsung, adding the South Korean firm outpaced the US player in terms of communication with clients, or being open to discussion.