Aug 03, 2016

    S. Korea stops sale of 80 VW models amid scandal


    SOUTH Korea yesterday said it was suspending sales of 80 Volkswagen models, in a widening probe over the German carmaker's emission-cheating controversy.

    "As of Aug 2, we have revoked the certification of 83,000 vehicles of 80 models," said the Environment Ministry in a statement.

    It added that most of the models had been showcased for sale until recently, and noted

    that the vehicles had fabricated documents

    for emissions and noise-level tests.

    Last month, South Korean prosecutors arrested

    an executive of Volkswagen's South Korean unit

    as part of investigations.

    The world's second-largest carmaker faces legal action in several countries, after it admitted to faking

    United States emissions tests on some diesel vehicles.

    In November last year, Seoul ordered

    Volkswagen Korea to recall more than 125,000 diesel-powered cars sold in South Korea

    and fined the firm 14.1 billion won (S$17 million).

    Foreign carmakers, especially German brands like Volkswagen, have steadily expanded their presence in the South's car market, long dominated

    by local giant Hyundai and its affiliate Kia.

    Sales of foreign cars account for about 15 per cent of total car sales, compared with 10 per cent in 2012.

    Around 70 per cent of foreign car sales in

    South Korea are diesel vehicles.