Feb 26, 2015

    Queue via SMS at DBS, POSB

    NO MORE standing and waiting in queues for DBS and POSB customers.

    DBS announced yesterday that it will be launching an SMS queue system, so that customers can sit in comfort and do not need to wait in line any more. They can also use the time before their turn as they choose.

    The system - dubbed SMS 'Q' - will be rolled out to all full-service DBS and POSB branches by the end of next month.

    It has been piloted in selected branches since July, DBS said. It will be the first bank in Singapore to offer an SMS queue system in all full-service branches, it added.

    Customers can request a queue number via SMS prior to visiting branches, and they will receive notifications on the number of customers ahead of them.

    DBS said customers can still go to a branch to get a queue number in the traditional way.

    DBS said its SMS queue service is in line with recent banking innovations which include pop-up Automated Teller Machines and SMS Banking.

    Said Jeremy Soo, DBS' head of consumer banking group (Singapore): "As the largest bank in Singapore, our branches are one of the most utilised and we are constantly exploring ways to enhance our customers' branch banking experience.

    "We also understand that time is a precious commodity, so the crucial part of the SMS 'Q' service is that it provides queue information in advance, allowing our customers to decide how best to use their time."