Aug 07, 2014

    OCBC unveils National Day home loan deal

    OCBC yesterday unveiled a special home loan package in celebration of Singapore's 49th National Day.

    It is inviting customers to reflect on what home means to them and to express that in a video titled: "Home Is…", to share with family, friends and the wider community.

    Every participant will be entitled to home loan rates as low as 0.49 per cent for the first year, the bank said.

    At the end of the submission period, the five best videos from the most-liked 49 videos will be selected.

    These five winners will be entitled to an interest-free rate for the first year or receive $1,000 worth of grocery vouchers if they are not eligible for a home loan.

    The promotional rates apply to a minimum loan size of $200,000 for private properties and $100,000 for Housing Board flats.

    They apply to completed properties in Singapore, home loans that are new to OCBC and home loans applied directly with OCBC.

    The submission deadline for the videos on the OCBC "Home is…" webpage is Aug 24. Members of the public will have until Aug 31 to "like" their favourite videos on the webpage.