Sep 08, 2016

    Mozzie repellent paint used for Yishun blocks

    A JAPAN-BASED firm

    has developed a mosquito repellent paint suited to Singapore's climate, its executives revealed yesterday.

    Dubbed the ALES Anti-MosQ, the water-based interior paint by Osaka-based Kansai Paint uses synthetic pyrethroid insecticides to repel mosquitoes and other insects such as spiders and ants.

    The odourless paint works by disrupting the nervous systems of mosquitoes and disabling their bites when they land on painted walls, which are cool places for mosquitoes to rest on during the day time.

    The product is the sole anti-mosquito paint in Singapore that has been approved for commercial sale by the National Environment Agency (NEA), Mr Leong said.

    Nee Soon Town Council signed a contract with Kansai for the painting of common areas - void decks, lift lobbies and corridors - at 18 HDB blocks in Yishun.

    The first phase of painting is expected

    to start next month.