Jul 04, 2016

    MAS to shift some flights to KLIA2 to save money


    PETER Bellew wants to move part of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) operations to Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 to cut cost.

    He also promises to pass the savings via lower fares.

    Over the next 12 months, MAS will have a new website, mobile app, trade reservations system and airport equipment.

    It will also start new routes from various Malaysian airports to new Asean destinations and focus on marketing itself globally again.

    Mr Bellew was appointed group managing director and chief executive effective July 1, taking over from Christoph Mueller who leaves on Sept 1.

    It was a busy first day at work for Mr Bellew who had three townhall sessions to assure staff that the job to fix MAS will be done.

    "Airport costs will be an immediate focus and we are planning to operate some leisure flights from KLIA2 in 2017 where costs are lower by RM33 (S$11) per passenger than the main KLIA terminal.

    "With one flight daily, this will result in savings of RM1.975 million a year," he noted.

    He said the digital experience when booking with MAS in future would be different.

    "From choice of seats to the quality of nasi lemak to the time of travel, we need to ensure the needs of each guest with different individual preferences are met," he added.

    MAS has been losing money for some years now and suffered two major air disasters in 2014.