Apr 07, 2016

    Korean Air fires pilot for refusing to work overtime


    KOREAN Air, South Korea's largest airline, dismissed a pilot who refused to work overtime.

    He had cited the company's protocol that bans pilots from operating flights more than 12 hours a day, according to a group of unionised workers yesterday.

    The pilot, surnamed Park, landed in Manila from Incheon on Feb 21.

    He was scheduled to operate a returning flight after a recess.

    But as the preparations for Manila took longer than scheduled, he refused to man the cockpit, saying it would violate the company's policy.

    Korean Air said Mr Park had delayed the Incheon-Manila flight on purpose by conducting an air mission briefing - a mandatory session taken before passengers board the plane - three times longer than usual.

    He denied the claim and said that after refusing to fly, he introduced another pilot to enable the airline to keep to the schedule.

    The case is the latest in a series of confrontations between Korean Air and its pilots over wage disputes.

    The company offered a 1.9 per cent increase, while the pilots demanded a 37 per cent boost, saying their salaries are lower than those of other Asian airlines.