Japan car firms hope young hearts race for new sports cars



    Jul 11, 2016

    Japan car firms hope young hearts race for new sports cars


    JAPANESE automakers are releasing new sports-car models hoping to attract young people who are said to be less interested in cars than the middle-aged and older customers.

    By introducing more models, the automakers expect sales in Japan, which have been sluggish, to increase.

    Toyota announced that it will begin selling an upgraded model of its 86 sports car.

    The model, which was jointly developed with Fuji Heavy Industries, will go on sale starting Aug 1.

    The new 86 model has higher-level performance and lower air resistance, and utilises racing technology.

    Prices, including consumption tax, will range from about 2.62 million yen (S$35,000) to about 3.25 million yen.

    Fuji Heavy Industries will begin selling the same model under its own Subaru brand as the BRZ, also starting on Aug 1.

    Prices will be from about 2.43 million yen to about 3.02 million yen.

    The original 86 model was released in 2012 as Toyota's first sports-car series in five years.

    According to Toyota, 86 models initially sold well to middle-aged and elderly people, and younger generations, including those in their 20s, have been increasingly buying the car.

    Last year, Honda released the S660, a sports-car-type mini-vehicle.

    Meanwhile, foreign automakers operating in Japan are focusing on selling sports cars to wealthy consumers.

    Prices of these foreign models exceed 10 million yen.

    On Tuesday, Audi Japan released its R8 luxury sports car with a price range of about 24.56 million yen to about 29.06 million yen.