Jun 20, 2016

    Iran agrees to buy 100 planes from Boeing


    IRAN has reached an agreement with United States plane-maker Boeing to buy 100 planes, and the two sides are awaiting approval by the US Treasury authorities, the head of Iran's Civil Aviation Organisation said in remarks published by a state-run newspaper yesterday.

    "Of the 250 (passenger) planes in Iran, 230 have to be replacements," Ali Abedzadeh told the daily Iran, adding that a written agreement had been signed with Boeing to buy 100 aircraft.

    So far, Boeing has been granted permission only to present its products to Iranair and a handful of other airlines as it tries to catch up with Europe's Airbus, which earlier this year won a provisional deal for 118 jets worth US$27 billion (S$36 billion).

    Reuters reported on June 6 that Iran was edging towards a historic deal to buy jetliners from Boeing for the first time since the 1979 Islamic Revolution and that a deal for more than 100 aircraft could be reached fairly soon.