Get your degree in a jiffy

ON THE FAST TRACK: Ms Quek obtained her degree with honours in just eight months.


    Jul 23, 2014

    Get your degree in a jiffy

    EILEEN Quek was not offered the course of her choice at a local university, but she was still determined to get the degree she wants.

    So she scouted around and came across TMC Academy, an institution which offers programmes to those seeking to complete their tertiary education.

    Now, having gained a bachelor's in business management and strategy from the University of Gloucestershire in under two years, Ms Quek has no regrets.

    TMC Academy, which is accredited by recognised overseas universities in Britain and Australia, equips students with recognised degrees in numerous subjects, including law, mass communications and accounting and financial management.

    Ms Quek, 23, went through the higher-diploma programme before enrolling for her degree. A higher diploma is equivalent to the first two years of study in an overseas partner university, but can be completed in a year locally.

    After she completed her higher diploma in business, Ms Quek was able to fast-track her degree course, obtaining her degree with honours in a mere eight months.

    She chose TMC Academy because she was admitted to the higher-diploma programme with advanced standing, as she has an A-level certificate. This meant that she could take fewer modules compared to someone entering with just an O-level certificate.

    Ms Quek said she enjoyed her stint at the academy, particularly its diversity. Her classmates hailed from all over Asia and even Russia, and she enjoyed interacting with them.

    She also praised its committed teaching staff.

    "TMC Academy lecturers are passionate and experienced. (They are) willing to teach students beyond textbook content and extra attention is given to academically weaker students," she said.

    The institution, which has affiliations with universities in the United States and Switzerland, provides courses for both part-time and full-time students. TMC Academy also awards scholarships and grants to eligible students.

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