Aug 15, 2016

    Geely to roll out a new London fleet of black taxis


    THREE years ago, London Taxi Co (LTC) was bankrupt and city residents faced losing their familiar black taxis.

    But thanks to Chinese carmaker Geely, the re-energised company is about to introduce a radical change on the streets of London.

    Geely's London Taxi unit will reintroduce the cab in the middle of next year.

    It will be more environmentally friendly, shifting from diesel to electric power, and more spacious, holding one more person than the previous car.

    The new taxi also features a wheelchair position that faces forward.

    The prototype of the vehicle was unveiled in October during the state visit of President Xi Jinping to Britain.

    Adam Soller, co-partner of London Photo Taxi Tour, a company that offers tourists a customised service in black cabs, said: "I really like that they kept the iconic design and can take on an extra passenger."

    According to LTC, production of the new car will begin in the middle of next year, with low volume initially and a ramp-up in September.