Jun 28, 2016

    China Airlines to pay flyers affected by staff strike


    CHINA Airlines (CAL) announced a compensation package on Sunday for travellers affected by a strike led by flight attendants last week.

    The Taiwan-based airline announced that food, accommodation and transportation costs would be refunded to stranded travellers affected from June 24 to 26.

    Those applying for compensation are asked

    to provide proof of

    travel documents.

    Those who transferred

    to flights from other

    airlines can receive

    US$100 (S$135)

    as compensation too.

    Affected travel agencies will not be left out. Tour groups that experienced delayed overseas travel due to the strike can have various miscellaneous costs reimbursed as well.

    These include hotel rooms or restaurant bookings that could not be cancelled on short notice.

    Taipei Association of Travel Agents chief

    Wu Chih-chien said

    he was pleased to see

    CAL responding to travel industry members' concerns in such a short time.

    "Other countries have seen strikes in the past

    but seldom is there a well-meaning response (from the employers) in such a short time,"

    he added.

    The airline was forced to cancel 67 flights on Friday and 62 of 81 scheduled flights on Saturday,

    due to a strike - by flight attendants demanding improved working conditions - that had

    begun on the midnight

    of June 24.

    CAL and its labour union came to an accord the next day. As of Sunday, all flights had returned to normal, local media reported.

    But tens of thousands of travellers were affected,

    with many stranded in Taiwan and abroad.