Aug 26, 2016

    'Cheap sale' at Shanghai Disney in Sept


    SHANGHAI Disney Resort has announced it will lower the entrance ticket price from 499 yuan (S$100) for peak season to 370 yuan for low season from next month.

    Tickets for the elderly, children and physically disabled will be reduced from 375 yuan to 280 yuan.

    Disney has adjusted ticket prices as September is a low season for tourism in China.

    The resort's ticket price has been criticised for being too expensive.

    Media reports had previously estimated that a family of three needed to spend at least 2,600 yuan for a one-day tour in the resort, and at least 6,000 yuan for two days, roughly the average monthly income of an undergraduate in first-tier cities.

    Despite the soaring mercury in Shanghai this summer, some of the most popular attractions still required two to three hours of waiting time.

    According to figures published by Shanghai Disney Resort, waiting times for attractions have been shortened and visitors can go on most rides within 10 minutes.

    Even for the popular ones, the waiting time is only about half an hour, signalling the beginning of a low season.