Feb 11, 2014

    CapitaMall Trust offers retail bonds

    CAPITAMALL Trust (CMT) is offering $200 million in seven-year retail bonds which will pay a fixed interest of 3.08 per cent per annum.

    The fixed-interest returns will be paid half-yearly on Feb 20 and Aug 20 each year, from this August till 2021.

    The offer, worth up to $200 million, is part of CMT's $2.5 billion retail-bond programme launched in 2011.

    According to CMT, up to $150 million of the retail bonds will be offered to the public, while up to $50 million will be offered to institutional and other investors.

    If the public offer and placement is oversubscribed, CapitaMall Trust Management Limited, manager of CMT, may increase the total issue size to up to $350 million.

    Subscriptions under the public offer will be subject to balloting if the total subscriptions exceed the amount available.

    The minimum investment amount is $2,000 for subscriptions under the public offer, with incremental multiples of $1,000.

    The public offer is open for subscription from 9am today and will close at 12pm next Tuesday.