Sep 02, 2016

    ANA to replace 787s' engines


    ANA Holdings, Japan's largest airline, said

    on Wednesday it

    will replace all 100 Rolls-Royce engines on its fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners, after three engine failures this year caused by corrosion and cracked turbine blades.

    ANA, the world's largest 787 operator, said all 50 of its 787s will receive engines fitted with new blades,

    a process that could

    take up to three years.

    It has five engines that currently need repairs "but we will replace all the 100 engines for enhanced safety measures".

    It had already repaired three engines.

    A Rolls-Royce spokesman said the engine maker would swop existing blades

    for new ones on ANA's planes in the short term.

    Rolls has started production of a new blade design that will

    be ready by year-end.