May 19, 2016

    Alibaba: We help police in fake goods' busts


    CHINA e-commerce giant Alibaba has publicised its record of working with police to crack down on fake products.

    It said a recent case in Fujian province saw information from Alibaba help police destroy four workshops that were making sports shoes that were passed off as Nike and adidas.

    Alibaba has now reached an agreement with the public security bureau in Putian to tackle counterfeit food, medicine, shoes, clothes and home appliances, said a statement released on Tuesday.

    The company said it wants to protect customers and has been studying data since 2010 in an attempt to develop technology that can help.

    Chen Liang, an officer responsible for protecting intellectual property rights, said: "We can locate these workshops that we suspect of making and selling fake goods by analysing their online logistics routes and then inform police."

    The statement said more than 2,000 people have joined a special team tackling counterfeit goods, with 300 core members including professionals in criminal investigation and information analysis.

    The company said more than 10,000 online stores and some international brands have signed up to participate.

    A report by the company in April included a map with the locations of 3,518 gangs allegedly selling fake goods.

    On Sept 14, police in the Baiyu district of Guangdong province broke up four such gangs and arrested a man they believed to be a ringleader.

    Despite the company's efforts, Alibaba was suspended by the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition on Friday, only a month after it become the first e-commerce member of the non-profit global organisation.

    The suspension was publicised after questions were raised about conflicts of interest involving the organisation and complaints from some members, who said Alibaba was a place for cheap fakes.