Oct 12, 2016

    Airbus to pull back on throttle for A380 assembly


    AIRBUS plans to slow the assembly rate of its A380 superjumbo to one aircraft per month from next year, the head of the A380 programme told Le Figaro, as the European planemaker struggles to revive sales of the world's largest passenger jet.

    "This decision allows us to smooth our deliveries pending new orders," Alain Flourens told the French newspaper.

    The assembly rate for the A380 currently stands at 21/2 aircraft per month.

    Airbus has said the double-decker is still attractive because it believes it helps to solve airport congestion and growing air traffic.

    But sales of large four-engine airliners like the 544-seat A380 have been hit hard by improvements in the range and efficiency of smaller two-engined models, which can be easier to fill.

    "The A380 still has a place in the Airbus product portfolio," Mr Flourens said, adding that Airbus plans to improve the plane's efficiency.