Jul 15, 2016

    11 executives off the hook in TransAsia crash


    TAIWAN'S Shilin district court ruled on Wednesday

    not to prosecute any of the

    11 high-level TransAsia Airways executives involved in a crash last February

    that killed 43 and injured 15.

    Prosecutors ended investigations on Wednesday, concluding that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the 11 executives - including TransAsia chairman Vincent Lin - who were sued by victims and their families

    for business negligence.

    According to prosecutors, all defendants denied the charge of business negligence resulting in death or injury.

    Mr Lin told prosecutors that the main part of his job was devising strategies, such as the acquisition of aircraft, and that he did not directly oversee technical operations, pilot training or maintenance.

    Prosecutors also said no charges would be laid on the two deceased pilots though the primary cause of the deadly incident was pilot error.

    Pilot Liao Chien Tsung attempted to restart the second engine after a flameout, but mistakenly shut off the first engine, sending the plane down.

    Flight GE235 crashed into the Keelung River shortly after take-off on Feb 4 last year, heading from Taipei's Songshan Airport to Kinmen county.

    There were 58 people onboard including

    Taiwanese and mainland Chinese nationals.