Who dares the leap of death?

TAKING THE PLUNGE: Every August, divers in the Balkans prove their daring and courage by jumping from a height of 18m or 25m into a swimming hole in Konjic which measures 2m in diameter and is surrounded by jagged rocks.


    Aug 22, 2013

    Who dares the leap of death?

    EVERY August, the Balkans' most intrepid divers flock to a Bosnian swimming hole to prove their daring and courage.

    The site: A steep cliff that stands over the river Neretva in Konjic, 60km south-west of Sarajevo.

    The river is shallow, except for one hole - a pool only 2m in diameter and 2m deep, surrounded by jagged rocks - a potential death trap. In the last 16 years, it has become a must-try site for the best divers in the Balkans.

    While Konjic's classic high dive is made from 18m, those attempting a far scarier "leap of death" must climb 25m up the cliff before plunging into the hole.

    At this year's event, 16 divers competed in two series of jumps, including 25-year old local diver Danko Dangbic, the Konjic champion for the last three years.

    Yes, his dive was perfect.

    "It's the dive that requires concentration and perfect fitness, one cannot afford any mistakes," he said. "Determination and courage are crucial. Even the best possible physical fitness cannot help you if you are not brave."