Jun 17, 2013

    S'pore B-Boy hopes to get the drop on rivals

    Breakdancer Leonard Ng, winner of a recent Red Bull breakdancing competition, will tell you it takes more than just passion to be a winner.

    As part of his prize, the 20-year-old will travel to Tokyo in September to represent Singapore in Red Bull's Asia-Pacific qualifying rounds.

    Mr Ng, also known as B-Boy Leonard, speaks about the rigours of breakdancing.

    How did you get involved in breakdancing?

    My sister was part of a breakdancing and hip-hop crew when I was 14. I followed her to her practices and soon got hooked on dancing. I joined a crew in 2010, and have kept at it for six years now.

    What motivated you to join Red Bull BC One?

    I'm always looking for opportunities to see where I stand against other dancers at a professional level. I have competed in more than five professional competitions and it ups my game each time.

    Breakdancing seems gruelling... What are your signature tricks?

    My signature moves are "dramatic entries" and "magnified drops". I will make sharp and sudden movements with a burst of energy and speed. Drops are about playing with heights and quick changes in levels. It's all about mixing up your technique and originality.

    Should you make it to the world finals, how do you plan to stand out?

    Bigger movements, electrifying stage presence, and amplified moves. I'm practising three times a week, four hours each time. To supplement this dance regimen, I'm squeezing in (other) one-hour training sessions in between. I plan to go big and hard.

    What are your thoughts and feelings on representing Singapore?

    On the breakdancing world map, Singapore is still hardly recognised. I want to put us on the map. I want B-Boys in other countries to take us seriously.

    Visit www.redbullbcone. com/b-boys to keep track of the contest.