Pole dance your way to  a svelte body

FLEXIBLE AND STRONG: Ms Sue-Anne Lim, a student at Bobbi's Pole Studio in Queen Street in Singapore, demonstrates a pole-dancing move.


    Aug 06, 2013

    Pole dance your way to a svelte body

    POLE dancing has a bad rap because it's often linked to sordid adult-entertainment clubs. But since the mid-2000s, this has been changing.

    According to the International Pole Dance Fitness Association, modern-day pole dancing has evolved into an exercise form practised by performers, gym-goers and recognised pole athletes.

    The high-intensity pole exercises combine strength-based internal training and isometric muscular contractions that give the body a full workout, said website

    Pole-dancing classes don't involve any form of stripping, but they do lead up to building full-body strength and increasing one's flexibility. recently released a list of fitness benefits of pole dancing.


    Pole-dancing fitness can contribute to significant weight loss.

    It's said that one can burn as many as 250 calories - or more - in a single class. And every class is a challenge.

    Ms Angela Edwards, owner of PoleLaTeaz, a dance studio based in Atlanta, Georgia, told CNN: "We have women who come in here 40 to 50 pounds (18kg to 23kg) overweight and they drop it in about six to eight months."


    Pole-dance exercises involve weight training. Dancers support their entire body weight and build upper-body strength when performing their moves.

    Pole-dance instructor Tracy Traskos told Shape Magazine that "most of the exercises we do, like climbing the pole, are a lot tougher than doing bicep curls".

    For instance, strong quadriceps are needed to grip the pole, and triceps are utilised when one is hanging mid-air on the pole, noted

    Core muscles are constantly being worked out, and anyone who has been doing pole exercises consistently will find a six-pack beginning to appear.


    Moves like splits and backbends are incorporated into some pole moves that significantly improve the body's flexibility, especially if done consistently, said Pole dancers also work their range of motion, balance and coordination.


    Just like any other fitness regime, pole-dancing fitness can be a confidence-builder. And that new confidence will give you a glow.

    Ms Christi Roman, owner of Studio Health and Fitness in Michigan, told the Charlevoix Courier she believes pole-dance classes are a "great feel sexy and confident while building upper-body and core strength".