Obstacle course training? Go simple

BACK TO BASICS: Participants can perform staple movements like squats and deadlifts to help them prepare for obstacle courses, says Mr Simran Latif, programme director of the 20km Viper Challenge.


    Jul 29, 2013

    Obstacle course training? Go simple

    AN OBSTACLE course may be a gruelling test of your body and mind, but simple exercises can help you make it to the finish line in one piece.

    Tackling obstacle-based races requires functional strength, said Mr Simran Latif, programme director of the upcoming Viper Challenge, a 20km course with more than 20 man-made obstacles, which has been touted as Asia's biggest obstacle event.

    The Viper Challenge will take place at Sepang International Circuit on Aug 17 and 18.

    Mr Latif pointed out that "big, multi-joint movements designed to build relative-body-weight strength" are key to preparing for such events.

    "Staple movements like squats and deadlifts will help build hip strength and iron-cast knees, which translates to bigger jumps," he said.

    "(This is) so you can be more efficient at crawling through mud, climbing high walls and jumping over ditches."

    Even ordinary pull-up exercises are useful in helping to build endurance so that participants do not fall off monkey bars, said Mr Latif.

    "If done consistently, and on top of a steady diet of minimal junk food and a lot of real, unprocessed food, such exercises will help increase lean-muscle mass and aid fat loss," he added.

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