No weights, treadmills in this gym: Just walls

VERTICAL TRAINING: The 2m-tall Fitwalls in the studio in San Diego have four rungs for feet placement and four tiers to grip. It can accommodate 900 exercises, and each class covers strength, cardio and flexibility.


    Nov 04, 2013

    No weights, treadmills in this gym: Just walls


    SAY goodbye to treadmills and hello to fitness walls.

    A start-up fitness studio in California is taking the concept of quantified workouts further with its Fitwall workouts where gym-goers are strapped to heart monitors that display their target heart rate on iPads while they climb an apparatus that looks like a server rack.

    This quirky vertical-training workout is already popular among professional athletes and is making its way into a number of fitness centres around the United States, reported AFP Relaxnews.

    According to CNet, founders Josh Weinstein, Doug Brendle, Ethan Penner and Anthony Westreich plan to open some 100 fitness studios around the US.

    The 2,600 sq ft studio, which opened recently in San Diego, looks like a posh shopping store from the outside. Instead of a registration counter, members check themselves in using an iPad at the entrance.

    There are no weights and no treadmills. Just walls with 16 or so Fitwalls, or "vertical-training modalities".

    These 2m-tall Fitwalls have four stationary rungs for feet placement and four permanent tiers to grip.

    It can accommodate 900 different exercises, and each 40-minute class covers strength, cardio and flexibility, all led by a certified Fitwall instructor.

    Fitwall was developed over a seven-year period by one of the founding partners, Brendle, a scientist and martial-arts champion.

    His theory was that when people are off the ground, the body thinks it's in a fight-or-flight situation. This is where everything in the body tightens, allowing for a more efficient exercise programme.

    The price for joining Fitwall starts at US$120 (S$149) a month and members purchase their sessions online or via their smartphones, as the studio is a cashless environment.

    The wall itself, however, is not available for sale but, if it were, it would retail between US$2,500 and US$5,000, depending on the grade of steel used, reported CNet.