Hey guys, time to hit a broga class

YOGA FOR DUDES: Broga, a new form of yoga targeted at men, is geared towards improving flexibility and blood flow.


    Aug 12, 2013

    Hey guys, time to hit a broga class

    GUYS are always bragging about how much they can bench-press, or how many push-ups they've managed to do.

    But the latest fitness trend requires dudes to get their zen on.

    In the United States, studios and instructors are tailoring yoga classes towards those who are seeking to do a few downward dogs and sun salutations.

    The twist is that the yoga classes have a "bro" atmosphere, making yoga more attractive to guys intimidated by classes dominated by women, who make up much of the yoga-practising population.

    "Broga" founders Robert Sidoti and Adam O'Neill created a series of poses for men, after noticing that men tend to lack flexibility.

    Broga classes, which combine core-strengthening, muscle toning and cardio, are geared towards improving flexibility and blood flow, and address a guy's strengths and needs.

    According to the broga website, "broga is a yoga class geared for men (where it's okay if you can't touch your toes)".

    Mr Ryan Farrell, a broga instructor from Aerial Fitness in Riverhead, New York, told Fox News: "If you tell a guy, 'Without bending your legs, reach down and touch your toes', they can make it only mid-thigh, maybe. A lot of guys...tend to focus on the upper body, they will stretch out their arms...but their back carries a lot of tension."

    Broga fan Sean Fender, 22, said: "Sometimes, it can be intimidating with girls in (a yoga class) who can bend into a pretzel shape, and you're just sitting there thinking, 'I'm just trying to keep my back straight and trying not to break anything'."

    He said that he feels the burn particularly in his quadriceps and core.

    Like yoga, broga aims to work on a holistic level. The overall goal of the classes is to offer men coping tools to deal with daily stresses and demands in a healthy way, said website

    Mr Farrell said that, ultimately, "we're here to exercise, we're here to feel good. There's no chanting, there's nothing overt about it".

    "You're exercising with a bunch of other guys. It's all cool."

    This alleviation of the stressful day-to-day helps balance the body's core and strengthens the quality of cardio workouts, instead of requiring just weightlifting or creating joint tension.

    Men can find broga classes on the broga website, which aims to "help men to live in their most organic selves: (By being) strong, peaceful, guided, internally and outwardly connected, powerful and compassionate from the inside out".