Jun 14, 2013

    Get down and dirty at Viper Challenge

    Asia's biggest obstacle event, the Viper Challenge in Kuala Lumpur in August, features a 20km obstacle-style challenge that will feature barbed wires, walls and mud.

    Prepare to get dirty, says programme director Simran Latif of Original Bootcamp, the event's organiser.

    Here's a sneak peek into what first-timers can expect, and how to train for the event.

    Obstacle-style challenges are gaining ground. Why?

    Obstacle-based racing is a unique way of challenging oneself. You get to use your overall body strength and movement efficiency when climbing over walls and hanging from monkey bars.

    You also get to stimulate the mind - there is decision-making involved when you attack an obstacle, figuring out the best way to get through/over/under it. It's not just simple running, (it's about) getting through obstacles with other people.

    What kind of fitness level is required?

    As long as you have a decent endurance engine (able to jog for an hour with no issues), you'd get through the course in one piece, albeit very slowly.

    But if you spend time practising your movement skills, building up your strength and endurance, you'd be able to get through the course much faster.

    What can a first-time participant expect from the Viper Challenge?

    A first-timer can expect to have a unique experience, where it's not just about you but also the people around you. The obstacles are designed in such a way that you will have to work together and synchronise with the people around you to get through an obstacle safely. Participants will be climbing walls, crawling through ground-embedded pipes and wading through lots of mud...

    The hardest obstacle would probably be the high vertical walls - you need decent upper-body strength to get over them.

    Where can participants train in Singapore, and how?

    You can train anywhere, in the gym or the park. Find a good training programme that helps you improve cardiovascular endurance and relative strength, or check out the training programme we created at the Viper Challenge training page at

    What you (need is) training variety, a lot of cross-training - anything from 5km to 10km running sessions, to lifting weights to build strength and endurance.

    What should participants wear?

    Comfortable, light exercise wear. Do not wear white!


    The Viper Challenge is on at the Sepang International Circuit from Aug 17-18. Registration at ends on Aug 1.