Nov 04, 2013

    Chicken-breast milkshake, anyone?

    Muscleman Kim Jong Kook, one of the seven hosts on popular South Korean variety show Running Man, has a reputation for being a fitness buff, so much so that his fanaticism once cost him a romantic relationship.

    But the eligible bachelor need not worry about his popularity with women, judging from the screams he received when he revealed his six-pack abs at the Running Man fan meet held here last month.

    Kim, along with his four co-hosts, Gary Kang, Song Ji Hyo, Jee Seok Jin and Haha, entertained a full-house crowd of 3,000 at Singapore Expo Hall.

    The sinewy 37-year-old sat down with My Paper to share his exercise regime and diet that includes chicken-breast milkshake.

    How do you keep fit to tackle the challenging games on Running Man?

    I work out for about two hours every day. I do all kinds of exercise, such as weight-lifting and boxing. I also play soccer every weekend.

    Do you get your fellow Running Man members to work out with you?

    I've trained Yoo Jae Suk, Gary (Kang) and (Lee) Kwang Soo. They tried hard at the start, but they never completed the exercise routine. Perhaps it's too tough. (laughs)

    Your co-hosts often poke fun at you for avoiding fried food and soft drinks. What's your diet like?

    I try to take food that is not too salty. I also avoid eating carbohydrates at night.

    At night, I usually take lots of steamed chicken breast with salad. But in the morning, I allow myself to eat almost anything.

    You're known for taking a peculiar drink, chicken-breast milkshake. What goes into it?

    Chicken breast, milk or soya milk, paprika and, sometimes, I add honey.

    I drink it sometimes when I get hungry after working out at night. I can't take carbohydrates at night.

    To get my dose of proteins, I drink this shake that has lots of proteins. It's good for (building up) my muscles.

    Chicken-breast milkshake doesn't sound very tasty.

    The taste doesn't matter to me. It's just to satisfy my hunger. I don't drink it to enjoy the taste.

    You once confessed that your girlfriend broke up with you because you worked out too much. What happened?

    At first, she liked me for my good body and how I worked out really hard. But later she thought that I was over-doing my exercise.

    That's one of the reasons why she wanted to separate from me. Women change their mind all the time.

    Does this mean that your future girlfriend must be able to fit herself into your workout schedule?

    If I have a girlfriend, it would be great if we can exercise together. This way, we can spend time together.


    Catch Kim Jong Kook on Running Man on Channel One (StarHub Channel 124, 820, 823, 876/ SingTel mio TV Channel 513, 604) on Fridays at 11.45pm.