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'Once-rich businessman' dies in flat fire

AN OLD man, who lived alone and was reportedly once a rich businessman, died in a fire at Telok Blangah yesterday morning. The burnt body of Teo Leng Soon, 77, was found in a unit... read more

Indonesia's new First Family stays humble, low-key

JAKARTA HE IS now the President of Indonesia, but the family of Joko "Jokowi" Widodo remain firmly grounded in their humble beginnings. The Jakarta Post reported that while the... read more

He's in musical to make a difference

WHEN people find out that Hay Qing Hui, 22, has special needs, some react by going out of their way to help him. "Having a disability can hamper us in some ways but it doesn't... read more

Acres founder joins PAP

ANIMAL rights activist Louis Ng, 35, has joined the People's Action Party (PAP) and will be involved in the Kembangan-Chai Chee ward under Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin. Mr Ng,... read more

Weekend spot for many, home to a few

TODAY, just over 30 villagers remain on the once bustling island - all of whom are elderly. Pulau Ubin, located off the north-eastern coast of Singapore, housed 2,000 villagers... read more

Bright colours beckon as Festival of Lights approaches

Shoppers thronging a bazaar for purchases in Little India yesterday. Many were there to buy new clothes, decorations and traditional snacks ahead of Deepavali, which falls on... read more

Lifestyle hub wants more buzz

THE lifestyle hub in Serangoon Gardens is trying to find its feet again after undergoing a revamp to liven up the place. Since it was awarded the tenure for Burghley Lifestyle Hub... read more

HK protest leaders call for cool-off period

HONG KONG PRO-DEMOCRACY protest leaders in Hong Kong have suggested a three-day "cooling-off period" to lower simmering tensions between police and demonstrators. The calls came... read more

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Prices of some hawker food up by 20%

YOUR favourite chicken rice dish may not have made your stomach any smaller over the last two years, but it has probably shrunk your finances. Hawkers are charging 10 to 20 per cent more for some local specialities, including chicken rice, than they...


本地5大众美食 2年涨价10%至20%

根据消费者协会的最新调查,鱼丸面、鸡饭、杂菜饭、鸡肉黄姜饭和印度煎饼这5样本地大众美食的常见价格,在过去2年几乎都上涨10%至20%,只有鱼丸面的最常见价格保持不变,仍是3元... 更多