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Chiba's caped crusader

CHIBA, JAPAN THE city of Chiba has a new hero, but this is a hero with a difference - his mission is simply to make the people of the city happy. For the past three years, "... read more

HK activists disrupt official's visit

HONG KONG HONG Kong pro-democracy activists heckled a top Chinese official yesterday, setting the stage for disruptive protests against the mainland's landmark decision to limit... read more

Apple jumps on mobile-payment bandwagon

NEW YORK APPLE plans to turn its next iPhone into a mobile wallet through a partnership with major payment networks, banks and retailers, according to a person familiar with the... read more

The ez way to help senior citizens beat seat hoggers

IT CAN sometimes be difficult for the elderly to find a seat on a crowded MRT train, but a group of engineering students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has come up... read more

Searing away traces of her rebellious past

EACH of her 33 tattoos was a mark of rebellion. They are also hard to remove. So, while the rebel in Maia Lee faded as time passed, the 33 reminders of her past did not. Lee, 31,... read more

Your new buddy's just a click or swipe away

LOOKING for like-minded dance aficionados or animal lovers in the neighbourhood? They might be just a click or swipe away, with the growing number of social platforms that allow... read more

A panda romance in the making?

THE keepers at the River Safari's Giant Panda Forest first noticed the peeking panda in February. In the early mornings, male panda Kai Kai can be seen looking out for female... read more

Teen's usual shower takes deadly turn

HE WAS taking his usual shower in the evening when, suddenly, he started screaming. Shocked, the family rushed to the door, only to find it locked. Beside the door, an electrical... read more

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Sleep apnoea sounds alarm for heart patients

HEART failure patients who also suffer from sleep apnoea are far more likely to suffer from major heart attacks and stroke than patients with no sleep problems. A study by a team from the National University Heart Centre (NUHC), presented at the...


台湾传统花灯 将首次亮相“滨海花月庆中秋”

台湾传统灯会精美花灯,今年将首次亮相“滨海花月庆中秋”。   本地民众后天起将能观赏一系列台湾民俗文化色彩浓郁的灯饰,包括民间艺阵中的舞龙舞狮、“宋江阵武术”以及以清代名画《... 更多