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Hurt has moved from head to body

A COUPLE of days ago, we brought you the story of the former managing director of Five Star Tours, who has been serving drinks at a coffee stall after his business went bust. That... read more

Malaria drug to treat asthma?

THOSE suffering from asthma may soon find better relief for their condition with a herb-based drug that is commonly used to treat malaria. The drug, called artesunate, produces... read more

Burnt offerings don't usually need COE

PAPER money, houses and cars are burnt as offerings for the dead here, but a real car was scorched at the IMM Building carpark on Wednesday after it was parked beside a large... read more

On the cards: Express buses to cross Causeway

JOHOR JOHOR will hold talks with bus companies to provide express services for Malaysians working in Singapore, said Johor Menteri Besar Mohamed Khaled Nordin. "With such a... read more

MOH may run own nursing homes

FOR the first time, the Ministry of Health (MOH) is planning to run its own nursing homes to help Singapore cope with the demands of a greying population. It is also looking into... read more

Celebrating the disabled, the ex-con

THE intellectually disabled, former convict or amputee may be marginalised in society, but they will be celebrated as "everyday heroes" at next week's National Day Parade. The... read more

Petrolheads pay for a super car joyride

IT WAS his birthday earlier this month, and his girlfriend took the car buff to Suntec City. They wandered around the place for two hours and he had reconciled himself to... read more

Son's evidence nailed ex-China security czar

BEIJING IN THE net that slowly tightened around former security czar Zhou Yongkang, his eldest son Zhou Bin was pivotal. On Tuesday, the ruling Communist Party announced an... read more

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World on high alert to keep Ebola at bay

LONDON FEARS that the West African Ebola outbreak could spread to other continents are growing, with European and Asian countries on alert. This comes after the virus crossed borders for the first time by plane and a 40-year-old man who had...


金文泰地铁站明年完成翻新 新出入口与天桥助舒缓人潮

经常搭地铁往来金文泰站的乘客,将能在明年中使用增建的出入口和行人天桥,避开现有地铁出入口在繁忙时段的拥挤情况。   陆路交通管理局于2012年在金文泰站、... 更多