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More join Hong Kong protests as holiday looms

HONG KONG PRO-DEMOCRACY protests swelled in Hong Kong yesterday, the eve of a two-day holiday that may bring record numbers to rallies spreading throughout the city as organisers... read more

Youthful folly isn't a sin

THREE young Singapore athletes, of legal drinking age, have allegedly drunk too much at the Asian Games. A part of me is grinning. If I am reluctant to sit on their heads, it is... read more

Thais to issue tourists ID bands

BANGKOK THAILAND'S tourism minister said yesterday that identification wristbands would be distributed to tourists following the murders of two British backpackers last month,... read more

Niece, ex-tour guide may lose powers

THE Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) applied to the court yesterday to temporarily suspend the powers of both the niece of the multi-millionaire widow who was allegedly... read more

Umbrella becomes symbol of Hong Kong protesters

HONG KONG IN THE last two decades, the world has seen the Rose Revolution and the Orange Revolution, among others. Now, we have the Umbrella Revolution, named after the humble... read more

Good pay, but recruiting staff still a tall order

AS A boy, his favourite toys were the miniature bulldozers and cranes that his parents had bought him. So enamoured was he of the toys and heavy machinery at construction sites... read more

US underestimated ISIS threat: Obama

DAMASCUS UNITED States President Barack Obama has admitted that his country underestimated the threat posed by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighters in Syria, even as... read more

Briton gets jail in road rage case

A MOTORCYCLIST who punched and shattered the window of a car in a road rage incident on Nov 16 was sentenced to three weeks' jail yesterday. But Briton James George Palin, 33, is... read more

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New ad rules to help kids eat healthier

PARENTS being pestered for sweets, soft drinks or fast food by their children will soon get a helping hand in giving their kids a healthier diet. New guidelines restricting advertisements on unhealthy food aimed at children here will apply from...


巧克力糖果汽水 不能再打儿童广告

从明年起,消费者将不会再在儿童频道和儿童刊物上看见巧克力、糖果和汽水广告。   预防肥胖从小开始,政府将从明年1月1日起,加强管制以儿童为目标的食品饮料广告,... 更多