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Going head over heels to beat the heat

Indian youths frolic in the Sabarmati river as they try to beat the heat in Ahmedabad. The death toll from the severe heatwave sweeping southern India exceeded 800, officials said... read more

Higher food costs to blame for pricier hawker fare

PRICIER raw materials, not labour and rent, is the main factor driving up the price of food at hawker centres, according to a new study out yesterday. It noted that a $500... read more

Battlestar Galactica set to soar again

AFTER being out of action for almost two years, Universal Studios Singapore's main attraction, the Battlestar Galactica, will welcome passengers on board once more from tomorrow.... read more

HDB launches first 'smart' flats tomorrow

THE first "smart" Housing Board flats will be launched tomorrow, with prices starting at $28,000 after grants for two-room flats. The new flats in Punggol Northshore, ranging from... read more

Maid gets 12 years' jail for killing teen

A DOMESTIC maid who strangled her employer's 16-year-old daughter with the girl's own school pinafore while the teenager was asleep, was jailed for 12 years yesterday. Indonesian... read more

5-day queue for China pre-school

BEIJING PARENTS and grandparents camped outside a kindergarten in Beijing for five days and nights last week, in order to get a place when registration opened on Saturday. Liu... read more

Asia-Europe Holidays' licence revoked after closure

THE Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has revoked the licence of a tour agency, Asia-Euro Holidays, following its sudden closure. The agency had put up a notice on Friday at its main... read more

NYP student pulls 'under cover' stunt at graduation

SOME students take selfies while receiving their diplomas. Others somersault on stage. Such antics are becoming increasingly common in graduation ceremonies here. But for this... read more

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Had liposuction? MOH wants to interview you

PEOPLE who want to have liposuction to improve their looks must agree to be interviewed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on the outcome of the procedure. This requirement has both doctors and patients up in arms. Meanwhile, MOH told The Straits Times...



公共医疗服务改善 满意度创5年新高

黄伟曼 更多病人与看护者对本地公共医疗服务感到满意,满意度去年创5年新高。   根据卫生部的年度病人满意度调查,人们对公共医疗机构的满意度自2010年逐年提高。... 更多