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Battlestar Galactica set to soar again

AFTER being out of action for almost two years, Universal Studios Singapore's main attraction, the Battlestar Galactica, will welcome passengers on board once more from tomorrow.... read more

HDB launches first 'smart' flats tomorrow

THE first "smart" Housing Board flats will be launched tomorrow, with prices starting at $28,000 after grants for two-room flats. The new flats in Punggol Northshore, ranging from... read more

Maid gets 12 years' jail for killing teen

A DOMESTIC maid who strangled her employer's 16-year-old daughter with the girl's own school pinafore while the teenager was asleep, was jailed for 12 years yesterday. Indonesian... read more

5-day queue for China pre-school

BEIJING PARENTS and grandparents camped outside a kindergarten in Beijing for five days and nights last week, in order to get a place when registration opened on Saturday. Liu... read more

Asia-Europe Holidays' licence revoked after closure

THE Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has revoked the licence of a tour agency, Asia-Euro Holidays, following its sudden closure. The agency had put up a notice on Friday at its main... read more

NYP student pulls 'under cover' stunt at graduation

SOME students take selfies while receiving their diplomas. Others somersault on stage. Such antics are becoming increasingly common in graduation ceremonies here. But for this... read more

Reader looks for Mr Lee's tree

A BANGLADESHI man went to look for a tree planted by founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew after reading about it in My Paper - because the tree shares the name of a city in his... read more

For peace of mind, he minds your home

HE STRETCHES out in a Sentosa Cove bungalow complete with a large manicured garden and a swimming pool. He even has two dogs to amuse him. You could say Bernie Ong, 48, has it all... read more

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Fewer complaints on renovation firms: Case

FEWER brickbats have been thrown at renovation contractors and firms in recent years, even as more new flats are built. Complaints about renovations dropped from 1,779 in 2013 to 1,462 last year, according to the Consumers Association of Singapore (...



榜鹅北岸首批濒海组屋 二房式最低售价2万8000元

李静仪 明天推出销售的榜鹅北岸首批濒海组屋,二房式单位最低售价为2万8000元(包括津贴),房产分析员相信,这批新组屋将受单身购屋者青睐,预计每个单位会吸引多达8人申购。   ... 更多