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Ice bucket challenge, Singapore style

IT HAS caused a global wave, prompting the man-on-the-street and celebrities to douse themselves with a bucket of ice and water for a good cause. Back home, the ALS Ice Bucket... read more

New Samsung, LG watches to hit the wrists

SEOUL SOUTH Korea's Samsung and LG yesterday unveiled smartwatches with upgraded functions and designs, as they step up their drive to lead an increasingly competitive market for... read more

6 'Nude Games' men sentenced to jail

KUALA LUMPUR A MALAYSIAN court sent six men to jail for a month yesterday and will try four other people over a nudist gathering that triggered outrage in the Muslim-majority... read more

3-in-1 govt tender for solar panels

SOLAR panels could soon be seen in army camps, schools and more Housing Board blocks. HDB will call a tender next year for such technology, which will also be supplied to the... read more

Guess what? Hello Kitty's not a cat

TOKYO HELLO Kitty is not a cat, the company behind Japan's global icon of cute insisted yesterday, despite an uproar from Internet users who spluttered: "But she's got whiskers... read more

How the changes affect punters

  1. CHOOSE a winning combination of six numbers from one to 49, instead of one to 45.     2. Guaranteeed jackpot prize of at least $1million per draw, up from a minimum of $500,... read more

Rare blue lobster from out of the blue

Meghan LaPlante, 14, said she and her father pulled in this blue lobster off the coast of Maine in the United States from one of their traps last week, Reuters reported. The blue... read more

Gazans celebrate long-term ceasefire

GAZA CITY THE skies over the Gaza Strip were calm yesterday, as a long-term ceasefire between Israel and Palestine took hold after 50 days of the deadliest violence in a decade.... read more

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Toto to dangle fatter top prize, slimmer odds

PUNTERS will find it more difficult to hit the jackpot in the Toto draw, under changes to the country's oldest nationwide lottery. Despite facing slimmer odds, the top prize winner will get a bigger bounty - the prize money will swell to at least $1...


卓莉毕必特 分身现狮城

好莱坞巨星安吉丽娜卓莉(Angelina Jolie)和布莱德毕必特(Brad Pitt)前晚现身浮尔顿一号(One Fullerton),两人盛装打扮,分别穿着晚礼服和西装亮相... 更多