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'F1 aces' who can't take the heat

This photo of life-sized wax figures of Formula One drivers Sebastian Vettel (left) and Lewis Hamilton at Marina Bay ahead of this weekend's Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand... read more

Online apps the IT way to deliver services

WITH a few clicks or taps, healthier lunches, cold-pressed juices, alcohol or even laundry can be delivered right to your doorstep. A slew of services has popped up recently,... read more

Indonesia to ratify haze pact

JAKARTA COULD the end of the haze hazard finally be in sight? It might not be too much to hope for, after Indonesia yesterday agreed to ratify a regional haze pact it signed 12... read more

Where every dog has its day... the rest of its life

TOKYO THE Japanese are well-known for their love of dogs and for being dutiful to the aged in their society. Combine their twin devotions and it is no wonder that the country now... read more

Sidewalk with 'smartpath' for phone users

CHONGQING, CHINA THE smartphone is no longer an accessory; for many, it is a must-have item to cope with daily living these days. But could special lanes also become a must-have... read more

Haze returns here as fires in Indonesia rage

THAT burnt smell, the foggy blanket in the air - your senses have not deceived you: The haze is back in Singapore. Singapore's National Environment Agency Pollution Standards... read more

No foul play in death of American CEO

THE young American chief executive found dead at an apartment block here had a piece of paper stained with cocaine in her back pocket and was on anti-depressants. She was... read more

British pair found dead on Thai beach

BANGKOK THAI police have launched a murder probe on the popular resort island of Koh Tao after the naked bodies of two British tourists were found on a beach yesterday. The... read more

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Threat to leak more data over Causeway tolls

A GROUP of hackers has threatened to "attack and expose" databases of more Singapore companies if nothing was done to reverse the recent increases in toll charges at the Woodlands Checkpoint. The group, which calls itself "The Knowns", had sent an e...


KBox资料库遭黑客入侵 逾31万会员资料外泄

经营卡拉OK连锁店的KBox集团资料库遭黑客入侵,导致超过31万7000多名会员的个人资料在网上泄露。据知,一名受影响的KBox会员已向警方报案。   一群自称是“The... 更多