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Turkish Airlines plane averts disaster in Nepal

Passengers walking away from a Turkish Airlines plane after it skidded off the runway while landing at Kathmandu airport in Nepal yesterday. Aviation officials said no one on... read more

Charge your gadgets using Ikea furniture soon

SICK of power cord tangles? Bedside tables and desks here could soon be juicing up your gadgets wirelessly. Furniture giant Ikea Singapore said it will start selling its range of... read more

No selfie sticks at top Washington museums

WASHINGTON THEY have taken the dubious art of the selfie to a whole new level. But now - in what will be a relief to some and derided by others - Washington's top museums say... read more

Light moment amid serious business

Hotel guides for delegates striking a pose during the annual session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Beijing's Tiananmen Square yesterday.

Riding towards danger on 120kmh e-bicycles

MANY riders of electric bicycles here are motorcyclists who have lost their licences, with many modified versions of the bikes able to go as fast as 120kmh, retailers told My... read more

Thai woman charged with man's murder

A THAI woman was charged in court yesterday with the murder of a man at a flat in North Bridge Road on Sunday. Sukanya Praphuttha, 41, is alleged to have caused the death of Lee... read more

Red highlights fire danger in Cape Town

A fire raging above homes in the Noordhoek Valley in Cape Town, South Africa, yesterday. The fire fanned by gale-force south-easterly winds has raged across the southern peninsula... read more

Student aces A-level exams despite cancer

HE WAS diagnosed with colon cancer in his first year of junior college, which kept him away from school for four months. But that did not stop Hwa Chong Institution student Ng Yi... read more

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Militants 'seeking support' in region

MILITANT group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is beefing up its external operations wing and actively courting support in South-east Asia, a security expert said at a counter-terrorism meeting here.



林瑞生:积极迈向未来化 我国能创造全新增长与发展

杨丹旭 从1960年代的现代化到1990年代的全球化,新加坡经济在过去取得蓬勃增长,放眼未来,总理公署部长林瑞生认为,我国必须积极迈向未来化,应对新加坡成功背后的新挑战,... 更多