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A ride worthy of James Bond

Is it a car? Or a plane? Actually, the AeroMobil 3.0 is both. Dubbed the "Flying Roadster", it made its world premiere in Vienna yesterday. It has a top speed of 160kmh as a car... read more

World Bank: S'pore still tops for business

SINGAPORE has been ranked the best country to do business for a ninth consecutive year, according to an annual survey by the World Bank. New Zealand was second and Hong Kong third... read more

Nasa undeterred by crash

CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA THE United States has vowed to continue its commercial space launch programme despite the explosion of a rocket carrying supplies to the International... read more

'Future richest man' arrested

BANGKOK/KUALA LUMPUR CHINESE national Zhang Jian, the self-proclaimed "future richest man in the world", has been arrested in Thailand. According to Thai daily The Nation, he was... read more

Guide dogs now welcome on Tigerair

ESME went on a Tigerair flight to Phuket yesterday, but she had no in-flight meal and not even a seat number. Yes, it was a budget flight, but that was not the reason. You see,... read more

Robbers dig their way into India bank vault

NEW DELHI REEL life became real life in India when thieves robbed a bank by digging a 40m tunnel into its vault. Police in northern India are searching for the thieves who stole... read more

Floating 'eye in the sky' to watch over Singapore

A GIANT helium-filled balloon will float above Singapore from early next year to watch over the Republic's skies and shores day and night. Known as an aerostat, the balloon will... read more

Anwar supporters turn up at appeal hearing

Scores of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim's supporters yesterday thronged security barriers outside a court in Kuala Lumpur, with police officers struggling to hold them... read more

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Court of Appeal rejects challenges to gay sex law

THE highest court in Singapore has upheld Section 377A of the Penal Code, the law that criminalises sex between men, rejecting arguments that the provision contravenes the Constitution. In ruling that the provision is constitutional, the three-judge...


圣淘沙增建行人连道 提升景点衔接性

圣淘沙岛将增建总长约2.75公里的行人连道,让游人可在更舒适和便捷的环境下,步行往来岛上各景点。   这项工程将在明年动工,预计耗时1年,定后年初竣工。它将分2个阶段进行,... 更多